Welcome to Monster Galaxy P2E

MOGA is back!

A little history…
MONSTER GALAXY, the hit mobile game series inspired by Pokémon and Monster Hunter, was first released back in 2011. And since then, over 25 million players from all around the world have become part of the loyal Monster Galaxy fanbase.
In MONSTER GALAXY, players journey through the land of Sunshire, using special items and power-ups to win challenging battles and tame charming creatures known as Moga. Players are tasked with growing their team of tamed Moga and using their Moga’s unique zodiac-based attacks to defeat foes and help the friends they encounter on their travels in this vast adventure-filled world.
A new journey…
The beloved creatures who populate the MONSTER GALAXY universe are back! In this new and exciting chapter of the MONSTER GALAXY story, players have the chance to take part in an upgraded PvP and PvE fighting system, encounter fan-favorite characters from past games, and meet never-before-seen MOGA!
The latest entry in the MONSTER GALAXY series is a play-to-earn game built upon blockchain technology. We strongly believe that the future of gaming has been completely reshaped by the open economy that blockchain technologies have unlocked. This new paradigm not only enables gamers to earn while they play, but also empowers them to take real ownership of the games they love.
The adorable monsters that players tame and train in the game are called MOGA. Each MOGA represents a unique NFT that can be traded in the game’s virtual store or in any leading NFT marketplace. In addition to trading, players can also delegate MOGA to other players and then share the profits.
In the game, MOGA are categorized into 7 levels of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, super rare, epic, legendary, and galatic. The rarity determines the available quantity of a MOGA and how difficult it is to capture.
GGM tokens and P2E
Galaxy Gems (GGM) sit at the core of the MONSTER GALAXY P2E gaming ecosystem. GGM tokens are in-game tokens that players can earn by completing quests as well as battling monsters and fellow players.
Players also need GGM tokens to purchase additional slots for MOGA and energy in the game. GGM tokens, along with these in-game items, can be freely traded by players on the open market.
Players can also choose to stake their GGM tokens in order to obtain both privileges and staking rewards.
This Collect, Play and Earn model integrates the concept of an open economy, which provides multilayer benefits to players, who in turn enrich the gaming world through their contributions.
Stay tuned for more!