In Monster Galaxy P2E, players can power up their Moga using a variety of growth materials. Although these resources can be acquired through trade on the Marketplace, the primary way for players to obtain them is by challenging the game’s various dungeons. Each of these dungeons has varying difficulty levels and combat power requirements and rewards players with a different key material. Read on to learn more about each of the game’s dungeons.

Level Up with the Exp Dungeon:

The Exp Dungeon rewards players with experience points that they can use to level up their Moga. When they successfully complete this dungeon, players will receive an amount of experience that scales with the difficulty of the challenge. Players can enter the Exp Dungeon for free a set number of times each day, after which they will need to spend GCoin to play through it again. The allotted free challenges are reset daily.

Get a boost with the Crystal Dungeon:

By playing through this dungeon, players can obtain crystals, a vital material used to upgrade both Moga and equipment. Like the Exp Dungeon, the Crystal Dungeon can be challenged a limited number of times each day for free. If players use up their free daily challenges, they can always spend GCoin to purchase additional entries and continue collecting crystals.

Shoot for the stars with the Material Dungeon:

The growth materials obtained in this dungeon will be used specially for increasing a Moga’s star level. The amount of star level growth materials that players receive will depend on the difficulty level of the challenge. As with the Exp and Crystal Dungeons, players can enter the Material Dungeon a certain number of times each day without spending any in-game currency. If they wish to challenge the dungeon again once they’ve run out of free entries, they can use GCoin to do so.

Be battle ready with the Gear Dungeon:

This dungeon offers an endless series of tasks, meaning that players will continue playing through successive levels until they fail. As players reach higher levels, they will face stronger enemies, but they will also receive better-quality equipment as a reward. The Gear Dungeon allows players a limited number of free challenges per day. However, players will not have the option to purchase additional entries with GCoin. They will have to wait for the daily reset if they want to keep grinding for gear.

Complete your collection with the Capture Dungeon:

In the Capture Dungeon, players will have the chance to farm Moga shards or even to obtain complete Moga, depending on the difficulty level of the challenge. Moga shards can be used to synthesize a Moga card or can be traded on the marketplace. Unlike the other dungeons, the Capture Dungeon does not offer any free challenges. Players will have to spend GCoin every time they enter, but this dungeon can be challenged an unlimited number of times.

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