Make yourself at HOME:

On your personal HOME page, you can build facilities that produce key resources. Develop the Mining Factory to regularly collect crystals. You’ll also have a chance at GGM, MOGA shards, or other rewards. Plant seeds in the Farming Field and harvest the crops that grow there to get Moga Shards. Level up both facilities and they’ll yield more rewards.
We’ve previously posted a map of this area, but for those who aren’t yet familiar, it’s a special screen where players can access a lot of fun features. Well, you can make yourself at Home because this new area is now accessible! As we’ve mentioned before, more buildings will be available in the future, but for now, players can visit both the Mine and the Farm.
Now that the Mine is open, players can start up the machines. Then, when the required amount of time has passed, they can collect the GGM Points, Crystals, and other rewards that have been dug up. As for the Farm, players are now able to plant and cultivate seeds on their land. They just have to wait for the crops to be ready and they can harvest them to obtain Moga fragments. In case you forgot, these fragments can be combined to form a full Moga!


Initially, players are given one free machine which can be set to mine for in-game resources. The machine will regularly produce GGM Points and crystals but also has a chance to provide other key materials! Players can purchase additional machines and upgrade their existing machines to increase the amount of materials they earn. NFT skins with bonus effects can also be obtained for these mining machines through official events or trading.


The Farming mechanic allows players to plant Starseeds on a plot of land. When players harvest their crop, they’ll acquire different Moga fragments depending on the seeds they chose. As with the mining feature, there is the option for players to expand and upgrade their farmland and obtain NFT skins with bonus effects. When players collect their Moga fragments, they will also receive crystals as a reward.

More HOME Spaces:

Battle Hall: Take a tour of the Battle Hall! This is your war room ⚔️ where you'll strategize 📐and put together a top-notch team 🥇that can defend your land and resources 🛡from fellow players' raids!
Guild: If you like gaming in groups 🎮, give Guilds a go! 🚦Check the member list 📋 to see who needs help 🆘️, so you can lend a hand 🤝 or to ask for assistance ❤️ with tasks around your Home!
Travel Agency: The Travel Agency is a real trip! HOME is where the 💙 is but here, you'll also find this handy hub! 🛫Choose a trusty team of #Moga 🤝, send them off on exciting expeditions 🗺 and their adventures will be very REWARDing!
Altar: When you arrive HOME 🏡 alight at the ALTAR! 🌟Make a wish here 🌠 to draw cosmic power 🔌from the Zodiac! 🌌And there's even a chance 🎰 to trigger special events!