A Guide To Bug Reporting & Ticket Submission

Greetings Tamers!
Now that we are in Open Beta and everyone can play the game, we thought it would be helpful to provide a simple guide on how to submit a ticket in our Discord server if you encounter a bug within the game.
What are the benefits of reporting bugs? Reporting bugs helps our team address problems as quickly as possible. It also prevents other players from experiencing these same issues. The quicker and more often we report bugs, the better the game will be.
How does the ticket system work? When you submit a ticket in our Discord server, you are given a form to fill in to provide us with relevant and necessary information to your experience and report. A private Discord channel is created where we have direct contact with you to better address and resolve your issue. We forward your information over for our developer team to review. If they require further information than what you provided, they will request it and we will use that private ticket channel to get in touch with you to collect that information. Once all necessary information is gathered and the developer team has resolved your issue, we will confirm with you that the issue has been resolved. At that point, we will close the ticket as resolved. Please note: If your issue is resolved, you are also able to close the ticket yourself, and you are free to do so. (We’ll be able to see and update your ticket status with our team)
Users can only have ONE active ticket open at a time. If you have another issue that you need to report before your ticket is resolved, please use your existing ticket channel to communicate that to us. From there, we will decide how to proceed. If your existing issue is resolved, you can close out your ticket and create a new one.
Tickets are only meant to report bugs. Tickets are not meant for users to ask questions. Tickets are not meant to report problems that occur elsewhere or are out of our control. If you are unsure if your problem requires a ticket or not, please ask. We monitor all of our social spaces and someone will see and direct you to our ticket system.

How to submit a ticket:

Step 1: To get started, please visit our Galaxy Support channel here: https://discord.com/channels/907519341887639573/1001407896682233897. If you are not a member of our Discord community, you will have to join before you can begin.
Image: From the server, you can locate our galaxy-support channel under the Help section.
Step 2: From the galaxy-support channel, you will notice a drop-down menu. Please select a topic for your ticket to begin. (If your issue is a wallet issue, you would select “Wallet”)
Wallet: Please select this topic to report issues with your wallet.
Hack/Security: Please select this topic to report a security/hack issue.
Login/Registration: Please select this topic to report an issue with registering for the game or login issues.
Reward: Please select this topic to report an issue with rewards or missing rewards.
Marketplace: Please select this topic to report Marketplace issues.
MOGA: Please select this topic to report issues related to MOGA, such as missing MOGA.
Game Feature: Please select this topic to report any features within the game not working properly.
Load: Please use this topic if the game will not load for you.
Graphic: Please select this topic to report an issue with an image/graphic within the game.
Other: Don’t see a topic specific to your situation? Use this form to submit your ticket and use the additional space you are given to explain your situation to us.
Step 3: Once you have your topic selected, a form will open for you to fill in and submit. Please provide all information requested and be as descriptive as possible. Provide screenshots where applicable.


Account Email: Please provide the email address you used to register and login to the game.
Username: Please provide us with your Discord username.
Wallet Type: What kind of wallet do you have/use?
Wallet: Please provide us with your wallet address.
Device Type: Emulator / iOS / Android Game Version: What version of the game are you currently running? What happens for you / Describe your issue / How you discovered the issue: Please use this space to provide us with any additional information you think would be helpful for us to resolve your issue. You can also use this space to provide screenshots and any information we may request to resolve a specific issue.

Step 4: Once you have finished filling everything out, please hit the submit button on your form.

Once you’ve done this, a ticket channel will be created under the Help section that you and our team will have access to. Within the channel, the information you provided in your form will be displayed. We will use this channel to communicate with you, so please make sure you are checking your channel regularly for updates.
As a reminder, if you are submitting a ticket for missing MOGA and/or missing GGM, please also provide the transaction hash and date and time of the incident. If the form you’ve selected doesn’t prompt you to input your email address associated with your account, please also provide that.
Thanks, Monster Galaxy Team
Last modified 3mo ago